Friday, 26 February 2016

Vespa GTS Billet CNC Adjustable levers

We have 7 new sets of Billet CNC machined adjustable handlebar levers for the Vespa GT-GTS from VE(UK), under their VE Actif brand, all the levers are slimmed down on the first section to pass through the GTS handlebar plastics without the need for any alterations, so these are a straight forward bolt on item. The Levers fall into 1 of 3 types, short, short folding, and extendable folding lever.

Click on any of the pictures below to link to the item on our web site.

First up is the short fixed lever VE60297, these are the cheapest at only £45.11 for a pair and have 3 colour choices, silver, black or titanium, the Levers are adjustable in span and this can easily be adjusted even when riding.
Next up we have VE-Actif levers VE60298, with the addition of a short folding lever, which can help prevent a broken lever is the scooter is dropped, like the previous model they have an adjustable span that can easily be altered to suit your needs, these are available in 2 colours, Silver or Black at £54.13 for a pair.
Lastly we have the Ve-Actif levers VE60299 that have a lever that is both folding and adjustable length, the length adjustment means the lever can be made longer for those with big hands, or shorter for those with little hands, these also incorporate a folding lever, to help prevent lever breakage if the scooter is dropped and like the 2 versions above they also have adjustable span. Available in a choice of 2 colours, silver or titanium at £58.10 for a pair.

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