Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Wrong Lube?

To keep a 4 stroke scooter running at its best for longer, regular oil changes are a necessity, most know to use a good oil of the correct grade, but we do see some customers cutting corners and using oils designed for cars, yes the oil may be the same grade, but cars run at different revs and different temperatures to scooters and motorcycles, and this is taken into account when the oil companies design their oils, which is why they develop specific oils for scooters and motorcycles.

Another point worth noting is that oils designed for diesel motors, have different additives and formulas to oils designed for petrol motors, this is to take account for the fact that all motors will burn a little oil, and using diesel oils in a petrol motor can leave unwanted deposits in the cylinders.

My Scooter Parts supplies only top quality oils from Malossi and ENI (formerly Agip), ENI are the official oils for Piaggio made motorcycles and scooters.

Another failing is using Cheap oil filters, these can leave unwanted particles in the oil to damage your motor, so it is essential that when servicing a 4 stroke scooter the oil filter is changed at the same time as the oil. Malossi's bright red oil filters are the very best quality and are a popular choice when servicing, this one fits the Piaggio 125/180/200/250/300cc motors like the ones used in the Popular Piaggio Zip 125, X7, X8, X9, Vespa ET4, LX, GT, GTS

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