Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Giannelli Shot V4

The Shot V4 is designed to be used on tuned engines over 50cc. The Giannelli Shot V4 now features a new 70mm muffler, and a new mounting system that reduces vibrations, and allows faster and less frequent maintenance. The Shot V4 series is the state of the art line of racing exhausts with a handcrafted expansion body, and a reversed silencer made of carbon fibre, the bending radius of the linking pipe has been increased to maximize flow rates and thus the torque response at low and mid range along with a power gain up to 2hp over the original Shot exhaust. An increase in the main jet size will be required when using this exhaust.

Available for a wide range of Super Scooters from www.myscooterparts.co.uk and www.dropdedpeds.co.uk.

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